Review – Milani Rose Powder Blush in Romantic Rose

Hi there!

Today i will share my opinion for milani rose powder blush that i bought a week ago. I bought it online since no milani’s store in my country and i bought it along with few more items from another brand that i’ll be reviewing also in my next post. I bought this because of youtube influence as always. I saw it in youtube and it gives me nice impression because for a drugstore/cheaper brand’s blush, it has beautiful packaging and from what i search, mostly satisfied with this blush and the colour swatch is beautiful too. I decided to try one shade, that is romantic rose.

When the online package is finally arrived, i opened it and tried the products in it one by one. Finally i got to see this blush in person and i really adore the packaging. The packaging is really sturdy looking and not looking cheap at all. The carved rose also beautiful in person. I’m in awe.. until i actually opened it and smelled it. I don’t know why i smelled it but i think it’s automatic response from my brain to smell the blush because of the rose pattern on it. And…… it smells TERRIBLE! i really don’t know whether i got the bad product or all the blush smells like this. It has strong chemical smells, very artificial, and not even floral or anything. It broke all my good impression on it. 😦 😦

I try not too disappointed and immediately swatches the blush, and yet another disappointing moment arise. It’s really powdery and the colour not showing well on my face (maybe i got the wrong colour) but when i saw the swatches, the colour is showing well on different skin tones. When i swirl too much on the pan, the powdery dust forming and make it looks messy. I also tried using my blush brush but it’s even harder to apply. Luckily i only bought one of this, otherwise i will regret it so much. Forget about the colour payoff, the smells itself is enough for me to not using it anyway. It’s okay if the blush got no smell at all or not smells so good, but this is way beyond that.


*pigmentation in the pic was achieved after 2 layers and blend in.

I definitely won’t repurchase this blush again, ever. And also won’t recommend it to anyone. I don’t know what’s wrong, but if you owned this blush and you’re not experiencing same case with me, please let me know!

I’ll see you in my next post!


    1. most probably that’s the case.. i was so shocked by the smell and the texture. i need to investigate further.. maybe i will try to buy another one later and update this post if the 2 blushes differ each other. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience!

  1. Interesting! I have been wanting to try this and have heard some mixed reviews. I do love your blog! I followed and hope you won’t mind a follow back? I am pretty new to blogging but have lots of great ideas on the way!!!

    1. our fellow blogger, jodi commented that she has the blush and the blush was fine. so i assume i got bad product. i’m planning to buy another blush later and compare with the one i had, and i will make an update to this post if necessary.
      Thanks for loving my blog. Will check out yours too!

  2. The one I bought is super smelly too 😭 Also not pigmented as I’d expected… Another dud?! 😕

    1. Maybe they didn’t take the quality control seriously. Or maybe they use the ingredient that prone to change of scent and pigment, idk.. anyway, hi five! :’)

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