Review – Boscia Green Tea Oil Control Mask

Hey guys,

I’m back with another review! This time i will share my thoughts on boscia green tea oil control mask. I bought this around 2 months ago at sephora, truthfully i never heard of boscia before, but when i’m at sephora in my town, i take a look of literally all the brands there because i feel that sephora in my town is lacking of some brands that other country’s sephora have, and every time i go to sephora, i always check whether they got new brands or not. While i’m checking on the brands, i found out boscia.

What makes me want to try is basically the name ‘green tea oil control mask’ and its function as a peel off mask. Somehow i like the peel off idea. I’m not buying it straight away, but i went home and take a look at the reviews online. There were many good reviews of it and i’m surprised that boscia is actually developed in Japan and introduced later to USA in 2002. Another surprisingly factor : boscia is the world’s first 100% preservative free skincare brand! The downside of the mask was the price. I have to think over and over because it costs me around 40 USD (converted from my currency).

After the long debate with myself, i decided to buy the mask. So, it claims to be an oil controlling peel off mask that immediately eliminates excess shine and helps minimize sebum production, Antioxidant rich japanese green tea naturally nourishes the skin while silica absorbs oil and prevents light reflection for a completely mattified complexion.

It looks like this

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To apply this, first you need to wash your face and it must be dry and clean before using this mask. then you may want to apply thick opaque, even layer to your skin. Avoid eye area and do not apply to eyebrows, hairline and lips. Leave on 25 mins or until completely dry. Gently peel off mask from the outer edges and rinse off any residue with warm water.

My thought is that you really need to apply thick layer of the mask, because it’s peel off mask and if you apply only sheer amount, you will regret it as the mask will be hard to peel off once it dries. As for me, i applied thick layer to my face and i realized that this 80gr sized mask is actually not big at all, i’d say that this will only lasts up to 6x usage. So far i already use it 3 times and 50% of the content is already gone.

Not long after i applied this on my face, my face starts to feel the cooling and tingling sensation, very strong one. I’d say about the same with glam glow mud mask, even stronger. The smell is different though. Glam glow smells like peppermint, really minty and the boscia has more light smells but i like glam glow’s smell better.

It didn’t make my face feels tight at all, it leaves nice refreshed feel after you peel the mask off. I feel my face a little bit smoother in texture after i use this mask. As for the oil control claims, sadly i didn’t think that it works. My face indeed feels nice and matte (but not tight) right after i peel off the mask, but around an hour after using the mask, my face starts to shine again.

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As you can see from the demo pictures on my hand, it worked really well to smooth out the skin textures. Nice cooling sensation, for sensitive skin it might be too strong, but for me personally, i like the cooling effect. Though it didn’t work well to control the oil on my face, but the overall is still okay, it doesn’t break me out at all. I probably will not repurchase it because it’s expensive (though it’s way more cheaper than glam glow mask) and it’s not working the way i thought because mainly i bought this for oil control purpose. Lastly, there’s still so many mask products out there to try.


Thanks for reading!

I’ll see you in my next post 🙂


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