March – Disappointing Products

Hey guys!

This time i want to share my quick thoughts about some products that i owned and it turned out that it didn’t work for me. I feel rather ewww and arghh after spending all those money on the product has failed me in every way it could *duh*

Okay, so let’s get started!

So, the first product is not disappointing in terms of the quality itself, but more on durability. It’s innisfree single eyeshadow in no 24 and 27. I bought it when i’m seoul and it’s fine when i brought it back home. Then i opened it and put it in my travel makeup bag. I used it once only T_T .One day i accidentally dropped my travel makeup bag in closed position and i didn’t check the inside at all until i need to take some products that in my bag, when i opened it… SURPRISE! my makeup bag and all the things inside literally covered by the eyeshadow and by the way it’s shimmery-glittery. I’m so shocked and disappointed, because those 2 colours are gorgeous especially no 24 the rose gold one 😦 . As you can see at this post cover image, no 24 completely detached from the pan and spreads all over my bag. Okay, maybe the one that i bought are the defects, but you know what? i also have aritaum single eyeshadow and i put in my makeup bag and brought it with me when i’m travelling (not dropping it at all) and the lid broke off. Thankfully the eyeshadow’s itself is not destroyed. I guess this is really the packaging issue.


The next product is the 3ce skin tone control primer. It supposed to prime your skin and control your skin tone nicely, but it didn’t work for me.. AT ALL.. The primer broke me out and make my skin feels so greasy several hours after i’m done with my whole makeup. Maybe it’s not meant to be for people with oily skin like me and i’m not researching it enough through mr google. Or maybe wrong skincare-makeup combo? i dunno.. as long as i remember, i’m using my usual products and this was the only new product that i added to my regime. one thing for sure, i’m traumatized enough to give it another chance because once i’m breaking out, it’ll takes forever to heal and the scars are everywhere.


Okay, next product is still from 3ce. 3ce lip lacquer in desert flower. The colour itself is beautiful, but it’s dry like hell on my lips, and also the staying power really horrible. If you’re going out for lunch, or dinner, or tea time, don’t use this. I feel like a clown after i’m eating while wearing this. The lacquer transferred to my glass, to my spoon, and… to a chicken bone >.<



I’m saving the “best” for last a.k.a the worst of the worst!

Very YSL palette. I got this because it’s YSL, the packaging is so damn gorgeous, it’s the very first YSL product that i ever bought. I bought it quite a long time ago at the duty free. As usual, they didn’t have the tester hence i bought it without swatched it first.  *inhale*

*exhale* This is really really really disappointed me the most. I just can’t explain how disappointed i am towards this palette.. The only thing that still okay was the lip set, but i rather bought the full lipstick rather than have to scoop it out from the palette which i don’t use anything else inside it. Okay, enough talking, you can see it yourself why i’m so upset about this palette.


Do you see what i mean? For the eyeshadows, i got that pigmentation on my hand after rubbing it off so hard and repeatedly (can you tell i’m leaving rubbed mark on the eyeshadows esp on no 2’s?) . Same goes for the blush. Moreover, the blush didn’t match my skin tone at all. I bought this palette long way before i know about undertone. But, even though it didn’t match my undertone, at least please show some pigmentation T_T .In this condition, i can’t even give it to someone because it’ll be useless. For the lip set, because i already upset about the blush and the eyeshadows, though the lip set are okay, but for me, it’s meh.. besides, it’s impractical to bring the whole palette because of the lip set only.

Okay, i need to calm down. There you go, that’s all for this month disappointing products. Next, i will try to post more regularly, maybe once a month for hit and miss products like this (that means.. more shopping! LOL). As always, love to hear your comment and i’m sorry if any of your fav product included in here. Maybe it just doesn’t work for me. If it works for you, that’s great. It means that you didn’t waste your money for something that you will rarely/never use.

I’ll see you in my next post 🙂



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