Review – Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation

Hey guys,

About a week ago, i just bought this foundation after so many considerations and reading up reviews online. So, i was at the duty free shop when i tried the vitalumiere aqua foundation and i’m quite interested with the lightweight texture but i didn’t buy it yet. I went home, and studying all the foundation range because i don’t want to waste money (it’s quite expensive, at least for me). Based on what i’m seeing online, vitalumiere aqua is more on glowy “healthy skin” look and i immediately think eww, big no for me, because my skin is already very oily basically all over the face, not only on the t zone. And after that, i found out that chanel do have foundation for combi – oily skin that is the perfection lumiere velvet of course. After all the fuss, i decided to get the perfection lumiere velvet in no 20 beige. Once again, this one i bought solely based on blog reviews and youtube reviews. I haven’t swatched it yet, i only swatched vitalumiere aqua at that time, and this one bought from overseas when my hubby going for business trip (it’s cheaper than in my country).

Okay, let’s jump on to the first impression and review!


So, it comes on in a sleek black plastic packaging but still elegant somehow (i guess that’s the power of branding) LOL.. It has spf 15 and the bottle has 30 ml foundation in it. So far i’m liking the packaging, light weighted yet classy.


I think 20 beige is the right shade for me (thanks fellow bloggers & youtubers!) I choose 20 beige based on swatches online. When i first received this foundation, i can’t resist to open it immediately and swatched it on the back of my hand to see if it’s the right shade or not. My very first impression of this was :

‘wow, it’s so light weighted! Look how runny is the foundation!

… Thanks God! it’s the right shade!

… wait…

it’s just me or the finish of this foundation is really really powdery? It’s like powder rather than liquid foundation!

*sniff* wow, the fragrance is a little bit too strong..’

Okay, that’s the end of my first impression when i swatched it on the back of my hand. There’s a lot of thoughts going on after that, but i tell myself not to worry until i finally put on the foundation onto my actual face’s skin because swatching it on the back of your hand can be really different than when you actually use it on your face.

Here we go, swatches on the back of my hand


Few days after that moment, i used it on my face and what i can tell are :

  • The feels is different! when i put on my face after toner and essence and a bit of pore primers on the t zone, it doesn’t feel powdery at all. It does feel velvety but not powdery. I applied it using dry beauty blender.
  • Definitely light weighted, coverage is around medium and buildable.
  • The fragrance is still okay for me, luxurious floral scent and will faded not long after you applied it.
  • For me, i still need to set the t zone with setting powder as the other bloggers and youtubers said that they definitely don’t need to set the foundation at all.
  • Staying power is good, but it didn’t do oil control on my face so i need to blot within the shortest amount of time (3 hours and lesser when i’m doing outdoor activities). But oddly, when i blot my face, the foundation didn’t come off as much as my other foundations.

So far i’m liking this foundation. It’s light weighted, feels natural on my face, not cakey at all, though i need more blotting. It’s still lovable. If you have normal to combi or oily skin but not crazily oily like me, and you want to pamper yourself with high end product, you might want to try this foundation. As for me, though require more blotting, i will still use this foundation because… i just like it! :p travel friendly, light weighted, good staying power, ‘blot proof’ LOL. As for the shades, there’s not many variety of it so you might want to double check your shades if you’re buying online or asking someone to buy it for you like my case.

I love to share thoughts on this product, please leave a comment below!

See you in my next post!



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