Review and Swatches – Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Hi Everyone! Today finally i can share my thought about urban decay naked smoky palette. Yes i know, it’s a little bit too late, actually i already had this palette 1.5 months after launching, but i don’t dare to touch it because i bought it for my engagement purpose. There’s a chinese tradition where the groom to be give the bride to be their needs, like clothes, skincare, makeup, shoes, bags, etc. And, the bride to be also give the groom to be their essential needs. For me, i choose it all myself. And finally, i already engaged few days ago and i can use this palette now *woohoo!


First, i want to mention the overall feel for the packaging. It feels more luxurious, more well built with magnet to secure your palette compared to the previous version. I have the naked 2 as well, and for the packaging, obviously naked smoky is the real winner here.


Second, the colour range and the texture of the eyeshadow. Compared to the naked 2 which has more shimmer and glitter texture, the naked smoky has more balanced between shimmer, glitter, and matte texture. Naked 2 has more warm toned colour range, while naked smoky has every little bits of cool, warm, and neutral colour. I personally love the colour high, whiskey, and combust.


Third, the colour payoff. Sadly i have to admit that the colour payoff of naked 2 is more satisfying than the naked smoky palette, though overall the colour payoff from the naked smoky itself is great, but if compared to the naked 2, i think naked 2 colour payoff is still a little bit above naked smoky. I haven’t try to combine it with eyeshadow primer though. The colour dagger, black market, smolder, and password feels so powdery especially dagger. Dagger is the one that i like the least from this palette. The dual ended brush quality feels similar to the naked 2 brush also.

Overall, i like this palette as an addition to my makeup stash, it has wide range of smoky colour which i like, the packaging itself is gorgeous, it can be worn for day and night eye makeup. The palette itself is not perfect, but i still can bear this palette’s cons. If you like smoky looks, you can definitely try this one.

What do you think about this palette? Please leave in the comment box below

See you in my next post 🙂


  1. SUCH a beautiful palette! I really want it but I hesitate to buy it since I don’t really wear many smokey eyes 😦

    1. i think you still can wear it for semi smokey eyes, and there’s some neutral shades too.. if you’re not so sure about this palette, i suggest to test it out first at the counter. good luck!

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