Review – Sana Tonyu Isofurabon Toner

Hi Everyone!

Today i wanna share with you my experience with sana tonyu isofurabon toner. I got this while i’m in Japan after i watched melodee morita’s youtube video. Her videos are so inspirational for me. I really love on how she reviewed the beauty products that she owned, and i’m totally blown away by her skin! Really soft and smooth and almost no pores at all >.< In her video, she said that she’s in love with this toner and she’s recommend it to her viewers, so i got really excited and decided to try it.

First of all, there are 3 variant for this tonyu isofurabon skincare. The original one (white one), pink one, and purple one. The formula for the purple one is thicker so it’s more suitable for winter time. And i don’t really know the difference between the pink one and the original one. Besides the toner, they also have cream and moisturizer too. One thing that i know, the original one has more lighter formula, and since i live in tropical country and i also have super oily and acne prone skin so i wanna play safe by choosing the white one. The main ingredient for this toner is soy milk and it has amazing properties such as isofurabon, protein, lecithin, saponin, and linoleic acid (all from soybeans).

Protein is good because of high moisturizing properties, lecithin helps to heal skin condition, linoleic acid is good for whitens and brightens the skin. From the description above, i’m totally sold! and moreover, this toner is relatively cheap and will not make you broke. I’m using this toner twice daily and i almost finished the first bottle and i already bought some spare. I really like this toner, it’s so gentle on my skin, has no scent to it (or almost). It really helps to maintain my skin condition, didn’t break me out and makes my skin firmer. I also feel that it helps to calm down my acne a bit. I really glad that i got to know this toner. Definitely will use this for a long time unless i found something that can outstand this toner. This toner costs 900JPY and you can find it basically at any drugstore in Japan and online but it would be more expensive.

Anyone ever tried it? How’s your experience with it? Please do share. I would love to hear your opinion 🙂

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