November Empties

Hi everyone! Today i’ll be doing november empties. I’m collecting my empties since a month ago and this is what i’ve got


1. Nature republic california aloe sun spray SPF 50+ PA+++

I’m in love with this sunspray. I love it so much that i finished it already. It’s light weighted, smells good, quite cheap too.

2. The faceshop aura CC cream SPF 30 PA++ in light color no 1

I use this cc cream a lot especially if i’m in a rush and didn’t have time to do a full makeup look. The coverage is great, the finish is matte. Suitable for oily skin like me.

3. Glam glow youth mud mask

I got this as a set, i bought the supermud and got this small size of youthmud. At first, i rave for this so much and i bought the second jar of the supermud too. But after some time i use this product, i realize that it didn’t do much for me, and not to       mention the price too >.< i have to say that i regret that i purchase this because of the price and the fact that it didn’t do             much to my skin. Well, it’s not harming my skin, but it didn’t make my skin better either.

4. The faceshop chia seed watery lotion – sample

I got this as a free sample when i’m shopping at the faceshop korea. I really like this face lotion, it’s so light weighted, smells really good, hydrating my skin but not too much, just a perfect lotion for oily skin like me. I already bought the full size of this too!

5. Dove lightening anti perspirant deodorant

I never really use deodorant daily unless i have to, to control my sweating. This i got as a sample too, and honestly i’m not fond of the smell, but i’m too lazy to find another deodorant as i didn’t use much of it, so i keep using it anyway but i rolled it as little as possible and i think it really works for controlling sweats. I just didn’t like the smell of it and i think i will not repurchase, maybe i’ll try the other variant.

6. Glam glow supermud mask

This, again i got it as a free tube when i purchase the second jar of my super mud, and i guess i don’t have to say much about this, i already talked about it in no 3. If glam glow mask works for you, i think this size is nice for you to bring when you’re travelling. Furthermore, it’s in tube form so it’ll be more convenient in any way.

7. Urban decay primer potion

My holy grail eye primer before i found out about too faced shadow insurance. It’s not that the UD one is bad, but too faced primer works better for me. As for you guys, no worry if you want to try this primer, you can absolutely try it. I still recommend this one. It’s really great, and may suits you better than suits me, but currently i’m using too faced shadow insurance glitter glue and it’s my current favourite personally.

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