Review – Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue

Hi Everyone!

Long time no see.. Pardon my absence for this few months, not posting anything to this blog.. now i want to make up my absence by reviewing my new Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue.

I just bought it a few weeks ago for replacing my old urban decay primer potion, and for me personally.. i have to say too faced shadow insurance is better than UD primer potion. No offense for UD lovers, but that’s what i feel and experienced. I’m huge fans of UD too especially for the legendary naked palette, and UD primer potion used to be my holy grail too. But after i use this too faced shadow insurance, my whole opinion changed.

First of all, i bought the shadow insurance because i ran out of eyeshadow primer, and if i choose to stick with UD, i need to order it from online store and wait for about a week until it reached my place because no UD store or counter here yet in my country, as for too faced we have it here in sephora counter so i can immediately buy and use it.

Why i bought the glitter glue version? – Because they ran out of the original shadow insurance (-_-“) and the sephora girl ensure me that this also works well and even better than the original version.

I’m so amazed with the formula. A little bit stickier than the UD one, but once it sets, it won’t budge. Usually my liquid eyeliner will smear after around 4 hours with UD primer potion (worse if the weather is hot – and remember, i got very oily lid). But with too faced, it stayed longer.. around twice of UD time. Usually, it’s alright if i combine my UD primer with gel liner but UD primer can’t hold liquid liner very well..

I also amazed with the enhancing formula for the shadow colour. Too faced shadow insurance glitter glue really make the shadow colour pops! Really gorgeous.


This is what it looks like. The finish is clear and a little bit stickier. You may need to blend it/tap it more than UD primer potion.


The difference really obvious, i don’t need to put tag of which one with/without the primer. (i used naked 2 shadows in snakebite for this)


For this i use naked 2 shadows in chopper.


After i washed it with water only and i rubbed it very hard trying to remove the shadows.


Totally mind blowing!


Note : This primer does have great staying power and colour enhancer, but for super oily lid like me, it doesn’t stay all day like 24 hours either as claimed by too faced, but it does stay longer (depends on your activities) with as minimal smearing and fading as possible.

Conclusion :

Name :  Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue

Price : USD 20 in sephora / 11 g

Country of origins : USA

Pros : great colour enhancer, great staying power, holds eyeshadow and eyeliner well, minimal smearing and fading

Cons : so far that i used it, no cons for me..

Ratings : 5/5

Would i repurchase again : DEFINITELY

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