Review – Dasoda Long Mascara

Hey guys! Long time not posting something to my wordpress >.< please forgive my not so routine post. Today i want to share with you my experience with dasoda long mascara.

This mascara was a part of my japan haul last 2 months but i just got to try it a few weeks ago. I know maybe not many people outside of japan knew the brand dasoda, and maybe it will be difficult to access this brand outside of japan. But, hey.. i like to experimenting and i knew many of the drugstore makeup and skincare brand in japan is really great in terms of  quality and performance. I bought this dasoda because of the packaging, so cute and feminine, and you know.. if you ever been to japan and see the drugstore and you can’t read japanese, seriously.. they all looks the same to me! So i picked based on my instinct.

If i remember correctly, it has 2 types of mascara, long and volume one. Because my lashes really short, i picked up the long one. It says waterproof, smearproof, and dramatic colour on the packaging. Somehow i agree with the tagline. It’s really waterproof, and absolutely smearproof! I have very oily lids and whenever i use wrong brands eyeliner and mascara with wrong formula too, it hits the panda combo *sigh* But with this mascara, you don’t have to worry about smearing to your bottom part or anywhere else.


See the comb? It has fine brush and also a kind of fiber that helps to prolong your lashes. I love the fact that this mascara didn’t clump my lashes even after several layers. Finishes off very natural especially for bottom lashes. I really love this mascara but at the same time i’m a little bit disappointed too because as you can tell from the name, it’s long mascara, it makes your lashes noticably longer with no clumping, but not enough volume. I regret that i didn’t buy the volume one. It’ll be perfect if i can combined this with the volume one. Anyway, why ask for volume in long mascara? >.< I think it will be perfect for you who wants naturally long lashes and looked like that you’re not wearing mascara on your lashes. If you have short and sparse lashes like me, you might be disappointed but overall i still love it, plus i can layer it with my fav volume mascara if i want bolder look that day.


Brush details 🙂


Conclusion :

Name : Dasoda Long Mascara

Price : around 1500 yen

Country of origin : Japan

Pros : waterproof and smearproof, really natural finishes, didn’t clump the lashes, really prolong the lashes.

Cons : not available worldwide, lack of volume

Ratings : 4/5

Would i repurchase again : YES. if i’m travelling to japan again someday.

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