Review – Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel

Hey guys! Today i want to share with you my experience with Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel. I bought this two nail polishes at matsumoto kiyoshi in Japan. There’s no sample there, all sealed plus got additional plastic wrapper, so really cannot ‘peek’ at all. This 2 colour had catches my eye so i bought this two. You know, usually they name the nail polishes based on the colour, but for this type, they named it based on the smell!

I got myself ‘powder puff’ (19) and ‘ginger melon’ (14). Powder puff is shimmery pale pink shade and ginger melon is bright pink coral shade. When i first try this nail polishes, what i do first is to smell it right from the bottle because i’m so curious about the perfume thing, this is the first time i’m trying perfumed nail polish. And….. what happened? The smell is totally BLAH. It’s totally same with other nail polish’s smell, no hints of perfume at all. Out of my disappointment, i still put it on my nails somehow. Then.. the magic happens. When i finished put on the first coat of powder puff, i changed my bottle to ginger melon, and while i’m doing that, i smelled something good comes from my hand, it’s powder puff! the powder puff really smelled like real powder puff (how can i explain this.. >.< ). It seems you need wait a couple of minutes before the scents released out. It has soft and girly smell, really just like baby powder. The colour is sheer, you need at least 2 or even 3 coats for this one, again.. girly colour. Nice for winter – spring nail colour. In contrast of powder puff, ginger melon has really vibrant and playful colour and it has sweet fruity candy smell to it. Really suitable for summer time. But since i’m in tropical country, i’ll just wear it anytime i want LOL. Both really good in terms of colour and scent. But if i had to choose, i choose powder puff based on scent, and ginger melon based on colour because i’m too lazy to layer too many coats on my nails. Yeah, women’s problem.. :,)

Note : The smell’s gone after around 1.5 days though, but the polishes itself long lasting. You can wear it for the colour, or for fun. When i first applied the powder puff, i can’t stop smelling my nail after that. LOL



Conclusion :

Name : Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel – Ginger Melon & Powder Puff

Price : 900 yen (11.7 ml)

Pros : smells good, nice colour payoff, long lasting

Cons : not available worldwide

Ratings : 4/5

Would i repurchase again : If i ever see this again somewhere, i will buy another colour.

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