Review & Swatches – YSL Tint in Oil no 5 Cherry My Chérie

Hi Everyone, today i’m back with in depth review for YSL tint in oil that i recently got from my mini haul when i were in Singapore last 2 weeks. I’ll try to make this post looks like Q&A time so it’ll be more efficient and more informative for you guys!

Q : Why you picked this particular colour?

A : Because when i’m in YSL counter at the changi airport, they only had 4 colours out of 8 and they only had no 4 as a tester. When i swatched it on the back of my hand, no 4 seems too sheer so i didn’t pick no 4. And i finally picked no 5 based on the packaging only >.<

Q : How’s your first impression?

A : When i opened the cap, i saw funny looking applicator, but after i applied it on my lips using that applicator, i quickly changed my mind about it. It such a great applicator, no kidding. And the second thing i noticed, that the smell was very good. It has faint perfume-like smell. The last thing i notice was the colour. Totally dumbfounded with the colour, i thought that the colour will be sheer, but it turned out not as sheer as i think >.< so basically said, no 5 too pink for me because i like neutral and muted colour. But don’t get me wrong. I really like the formula and the colour also long lasting. It stayed even after a meal. But i’m not sure if after several eat and drink activities.

Q : Isn’t that sticky? Consider the name contains ‘oil’

A : Nope, i won’t say that sticky. I’ll say that smooth and silky feeling. The formula isn’t that sticky like normal lipgloss, and eventually the oil will be absorbed into the lips and will leave beautiful stain on your lips without being sticky at all. You only need some patience. If you don’t like the oil, you can just removes it with tissue paper after some time. Maybe around 10 mins after you applied it so the stain will stay there on your lips.

Q : Do you think it worth the price?

A : I bought this for SGD 38 and i think it worth the price as long as you like the colour. But for me, even i picked the wrong colour, i still like it so far.

Pics :

Beautiful packaging as expected from YSL. But i really want it in gold colour because it’s their signature design and colour and i really like it.


I’m in love with the applicator now. I wish all of my lipgloss have that applicator.


My bare lip in natural sunlight.


After applying the tint in oil for around 3 mins


After removing the excess oil from my lips.


The colour looks okay on my lips because i shoot in natural sunlight. But for my overall complexion, the colour didn’t match for me, it’s too pink. I still try not to think like that, but even my BF said it’s too strong for me (the pink colour).

Conclusion :

Name : YSL Tint in Oil no 5 Cherry My Chérie

Price : SGD 38 (6 ml)

Country of origins : France

Pro : great luxury feeling packaging, lovely smell, long lasting, moisturizing

Cons : almost nothing except the facts that i got wrong perception about the colour and ended up buying the wrong colour.

Ratings : 5/5

Would i repurchase again : YES definitely i will purchase this in another colour

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