Review – Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation

Hi Guys! As i promised i will resume my review about beauty products on Monday and now here we go.. Today i want to share with you how i’m amazed with this product. 

So, a little introduction, this airbrush foundation i got to know it around last year from a youtuber, essie button (thanks a lot essie for the inspiration.. if you ever read this. LOL) and i’ve been wanting it ever since. And around 2 weeks ago finally i can get a hold of it. Since then i already used it several times and i really REALLY love it. I got it in fair light neutral (fair to light skin with yellow and pink undertones) and it matches my skin nicely.

I’ve never tried powdered foundation. I always use either liquid foundation or BB (then) or CC cushion (now). All of it leaves kind a ‘heavy’ feeling on my skin. To be exact, maybe not ‘heavy’ but kind of layered feeling with a liquidy thing.. the feeling that you fully aware that you’re wearing makeup, a liquid makeup. Okay, stop it.. i just really can’t describe that feeling.  Anyway, the tarte foundation leaves weightless feeling on my skin, i feel like i’m not wearing anything besides eye makeup, lipgloss, and blush. no smell at all, great coverage and nice colour. It brighten my skin, i really love it. It entertained and amazed me on how it applied on my skin, really smooth and soft. It took me 2 layers and i still using a bit of concealer because i have some very dark spots. It formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, and gluten which is good. Instead, it has skinvirogating ingredients such as amazonian clay (hmm.. to be honest, i don’t know what is amazonian clay is LOL. But nevermind, as long as it good for skin!), tourmaline, pearl powder (i notice when i pour some amount on the back of my hand, it’s really glowing like it has fine shimmer in it, but after you buffed it with the airbuki brush, the fine shimmer is gone, turns to a matte colour), mineral pigments, camellia leaf extract, and it’s cruelty free! How good is that?!

One thing i notice though, because of my oily skin, this foundation alone can’t stand too long on my face without getting oily. approximately around 2 to 3 hours in humid area (outdoor) i need to start blotting. But the next day i used an oil control setting powder on top of it and it really does help with the oil. It didn’t totally hold in the oil, but after a few hours of matte look it looks like i’m having a radiant glowing skin without too much oil.

So this how it looks like.. I really love the packaging. Made from bamboo. Feels really eco friendly. And the touch of gold colour at the bottom of the brush adds a elegant touch to it.


Cute airbuki brush. I bought this too because i saw good reviews about it and plus i don’t have other suitable brush for applying powder foundation. And now i’m really glad that i bought it. The size is perfect, the brush itself really soft and dense. Really perfect for applying the foundation. And the design is really great!


Really dense! The bristle is short and dense. Great quality too.


It has a mesh at the center to control the amount of the powder that comes out from it. And the cap has a stopper for the powder so it will not spill out everywhere out of the mesh while you close and carry it in your purse. Cool, because i like to keep my makeup things really neat like brand new even after i use it for a while.



I dunno you can tell or not but the side with the foundation set is more soft and smooth looking and more healthy looking than the side without the foundation. It enhances the colour of my skin to look healthier, not like some foundation that makes me looks like ghost. This shade is actually a bit bright for me but it doesn’t make me looks like ghost. It did a magic! I’m glad i choose this colour and i think this will be my everyday go to foundation besides the IOPE cushion.


Conclusion :

Name : Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation (Fair Light Neutral) + Airbuki brush

Price : around SGD 100 for foundation + airbuki brush at sephora singapore. If i’m not wrong, the foundation is around SGD 56 (7 gr) and the airbuki is around SGD 44. The brush really expensive >.< but since it works well, i guess it’s okay.

Country of origins : USA

Pros : Super light weighted, no smell, smooth, enhance dull skin, good coverage, natural looking, lovely packaging and concepts

Cons : Can’t stand oily skin so you need to apply oil control setting powder on top of it. A bit expensive for 7 gr of contents only. Airbuki brush also expensive. But i don’t mean a bad way since they worked really well for me so i don’t mind the price.

Ratings : 5/5

Would i repurchase again : YES


  1. Thanks for sharing!! I was always tempted to try this product out and you did a great review for it 🙂 I have oily skin so always have to set whatever product I use so thanks for letting the oily skinned gals like myself know! 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s worth to try! Really nice option besides liquid foundation or BB n CC cream. I have very oily skin and as long as you set it with oil control setting powder, it’s fine. You still need to blot after a while though. But a lot longer than if you didn’t set it with a powder.
      I really glad when i find my review useful to others. thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. I’m always skeptical about the coverage a powder foundation can give but this looks really great and the ingredients looks like they’re not damaging to the skin. Jay 🙂

    1. When your skin is not too problematic, 2 thin layers is just a right amount (i still use concealer though) But you can always layered up and it’s so light weighted, so it’ll not be cakey at all. you’ll need to get the right shade though, or else even though it’s light weighted it will look like a mask >.<

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