Review : Ettusais Premium – Amino Caviar Cream

Hi guys! I still can’t move on from my japan trip and currently i’m testing out all of the skincare and makeup things that i bought while i’m in japan, so here i am.. today i will give a review of ettusais amino caviar cream.

You know, i didn’t buy this baby until the very last day of my trip to japan, meanwhile all the other ettusais skincare range i already bought from the very first day. It’s because all this time i rarely wear cream. For my skincare routine i only use toner and lightweight lotion for daytime and for nighttime, just use toner is enough. It’s all over my thought that the cream gonna be so thick and greasy, and will break out my skin badly (i have horrible experience with clinique anti blemish solution – clearing moisturizer. It breaks me out crazily and makes me a little bit traumatic to try out new moisturizer or cream skincare).

On the very last day, i came back to the drugstore because of the others still want to go for never ending shopping. I didn’t have specific target, so i randomly check anything that catch my attention, and this ettusais amino caviar cream was one of it. Until the last day drugstore haul, i never tried to reach or try this cream as i said, i’m little bit traumatic. But because i didn’t have anymore target, i eventually reached this cream and totally fell in love with it.

First, the packaging is so cute and girly. Second, it’s written on the jar : get luminous baby smooth skin. Third, no horrible smell. Fourth, unique lightweight texture (not as heavy and greasy as i thought) with ‘caviar’ in it that popped out when you rubbed it against your skin, and eventually absorbed into the skin. Fifth, It really makes your skin baby soft, and reduce your skin problem and blemishes. This cream is really my holy grail. Really need to shout out EUREKA! lol

So, this is how it looks like :


The cream wasn’t thick at all, it’s more watery. I like the consistency and it only has a faint smell.


I dunno whether you can tell or not from the pic, but after using the cream, my skin really become hydrated without greasy feeling and it didn’t breaks me out at all. I suffer from acne and i had very oily skin and i live in humid area so.. from that combination, i really didn’t need/didn’t like thick heavy cream. So far i only use it at nighttime.


Conclusion :

Name : Ettusais Premium – Amino Caviar Cream

Price : around 3000 yen (90 G)

Country of origin : Japan

Pros : light weighted, faint smell but smells good, unique texture, hydrating, soften skin, helps with skin problem

Cons : –

Ratings :5/5

Would i repurchase again : absolutely YES


  1. great review. Jel you went to japan. Love this post would be fab if you could check out my latest post too xxx

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