Review – Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex Lipgloss BE706 & PK313

Hi guys! Today i will continue to give you my review about the japanese beauty product that i bought when i were in japan. This time will be a lipgloss from majolica majorca. I picked this lipgloss randomly and because of the good deal (only 880 yen each). As i said in my previous post, i’m totally blank when it comes to japanese beauty products, so i picked up products based on other people recommendation (watching youtuber recommendation was really fun) or i bought the same thing or same brand as my relatives asked me to buy for them. But for majolica majorca, i’ve heard the big name before and out of all their makeup stuff, i picked up this 2 lipgloss.

I bought 2 colours, one is pink toned PK313 and the other one is beige toned BE706 (i didn’t try the colour before at the shop because i’m rushed). I like neutral colours and i think pink and beige are suits me best. I never put on bright coloured lip products on me as i knew it gonna be weird.


This 2 lipgloss are the basic coloured and so many different brands out there have this kind of colour for their lipgloss. But it wouldn’t hurt to have this lipgloss because of the pretty and lightweight packaging, great colour, moisturizing, and it’s only 880 yen or around USD 7. The texture is creamy, it has nice faint scent to it, i think the pink one got more glitters in it. It didn’t dry out my lips unlike some other lipgloss do.





Left PK313 Right BE706

Left PK313 Right BE706

Both are gorgeous colour but personally i like the beige one over the pink one, but i will still wear both of it.

Conclusion :

Name : Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex Lipgloss

Price : 880 yen (4.5 gr)

Country of origin : Japan

Pros : affordable, gorgeous colour, moisturizing, nice faint scent

Cons : a little bit thick, but nothing serious. Other than that, i have nothing to complain about.

Ratings : 4/5

Would i repurchase this : Maybe. I’m curious about other colours though.


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