Review – Ettusais Black Liquid Eyeliner

Hi guys! Today i wanna share with you my review about Ettusais black liquid eyeliner. I got this eyeliner while i were in japan last week. Honestly i’m not a fan of liquid eyeliner myself. I always use gel eyeliner as long as i remembered. I’ve tried some liquid eyeliner in my earlier makeup life though, but i didn’t like it so i’d stick with gel eyeliner until now.

I got to know ettusais from my friend and i bought quite a variety of their skincare line so i thought it would not hurt to add a liquid eyeliner to the haul. One more reason that i bought the liquid eyeliner because in japan i saw so many of liquid eyeliner from so many brands so i thought that liquid eyeliner is the huge thing there. And plus i didn’t get a sight of gel eyeliner there, seriously! i mean, a typical gel liner in a pot and you apply it with an eyeliner brush. Maybe there’s a gel eyeliner with pencil form but because there’s sooo many of it and i don’t have time to look at it one by one as i don’t have preferable japan brand (totally blank) so i decided to take the liquid one.

This was how the packaging looks like. It costs me 1000 yen and i think it’s not pricey for a liquid eyeliner, and it comes with a little gift sample of ettusais eye makeup remover.

Took the packaging pic along with my beloved new collection of daisy duck plush ^^

Took the packaging pic along with my beloved new collection of daisy duck plush ^^

I wore this eyeliner yesterday, a whole day. from around 10am to 10pm. When i first applied it, it has really different feeling with the usual gel liner but i must say this eyeliner has quite opaque black colour and the finishes is almost matte. I have very oily lid and unfortunately it smears on me (i already blotted out the oil on my lid occasionally). But that happened after around 6 to 7 hours of usage. This is a waterproof eyeliner and i already rub test it on my hand, unless you rubbed it very hard and non stop, it won’t budge, but it comes off pretty easily with any makeup remover and smears when in contact with my oily lid after hours of usage. For those with normal lids, this eyeliner will be great for you and for those with oily lids, you can use it also but with occasionally blotting and remember not to use it when you need to go out all day without retouch or you’re having heavy outdoor activities that day.

matte finish gives you a gel liner feeling

matte finish gives you a gel liner feeling

fine tips for precise line

fine tips for precise line

Conclusion :

Name : Ettusais Black Liquid Eyeliner

Price : 1000 yen each

Country of origin : Japan

Pros : fine tips, dry quickly on the lids, almost matte finish, opaque colour

Cons : can’t stand all day on oily lids unlike my other gel eyeliner

Ratings : 4/5

Would i repurchase again : Maybe

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