Beauty empties (products that i’ve used up, things i love, not so good products, expired products)

Hi guys! Today i wanna share with you products that i’ve used up, how i feel about it, and i also do some drawer routine cleaning and i found some of my beauty products are gone bad already and i counted that as ‘used up’.

1. Bobbi brown ‘perfectly defined mascara’

I used up this mascara to the very bits of it. I love how the mascara doesn’t smudge and makes my eyelashes perfectly defined. P.S : this mascara is the lengthen type, not volume type.


2. Laniege pore deep clearing foam

I used up this one exactly today. Overall my experience with this clearing foam only so-so. It didn’t do anything to my pores, i still need to use another cleansing oil and plus extra clarisonic to clean my pores thoroughly, or else i will get bad breakouts. The clearing foam itself didn’t cause me any harm but it also didn’t work well for me.


3. Bobbi brown long wear gel eyeliner in black

I used up this product almost 3/4 of it but unfortunately it dried up before i can finish it all. Overall i like how opaque the colour, the creamy consistency also good, but i dunno whether it happened only to me, the eyeliner will smudge after 4 hours or more. I already use an eye primer beneath the eyeshadow and eyeliner. Will not repurchase it again.


4. Etude house mini jam jam hand lotion

I bought this hand lotion because of the packaging but i also love the strawberry smell, fresh and not sticky at all. But unfortunately, because i left it for a long time in my drawer, when i want to use it again, the smell already changed to chemical smell and it’s really annoying. I guess it’s already expired so will toss it out.


5. Anna Sui eyeshadow

I got this eyeshadow from my dear friend as xmas present. I used it several times and i think the colour are not quite match for my taste. I’m planning to give it to my mom because she likes this kind of colour until i found out that the eyeshadow pan are broken already T_T need to toss it out.


6. Nail polishes (OPI, Etude house)

No need explanation for this. The products already gone bad and the colour already changed too from the original one (the obvious one is the green OPI, originally the colour was grass green, but it turned out like yellowish green now). I love OPI one, the colour was so opaque, but i didn’t like etude house one.


7. MAC lipstick

I also got this lipstick as present but i didn’t like the colour so i put in my drawer and didn’t touch it for such a long time, i think it’s 2 years already. Need to toss it out ASAP.


8. MAC mineral powder foundation

I used it up half of this in my lazy days when i don’t feel like wearing too much makeup. Again, this product is so-so only. I’m not loving this powder and not gonna buy this again.


That’s all of the products, i hope you enjoy this post. I’ll see you in next post!


      1. Actually I don’t think I had a smudge problem often enough to recall! I really did love it but it’s just not cool that it dried up when I used only 50 percent of it.

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