Review – The Faceshop Smile Foot Peeling

Hi Everyone. Today i will give a review for the faceshop smile foot peeling. I got this when i’m in Korea. I bought this because when i’m korea, i walked so much, makes my leg hurt and i feel that i really gained callouses everywhere on the back of my foot, so i decided to buy this and see whether it can make any difference to my foot or not. Unfortunately, i forgot to use this after i came home for a while and just tried this today >.<

So basically, in one package, you’ll get 2 sachets of peeling solution for both of your foot, 20 ml each. Also you’ll get a pair of plastic socks with a layer of thin spunbond to help the solution stick and sink into your foot. When i first opened the solution and smelled it, it smelled like apples… but with moderate – strong alcohol scent to it. Nothing too bothering, especially because you’ll wear it down on your foot. You’ll put the socks first, then pour the solution and tied it. It’ll need 60 mins to 90 mins before you can wash off your foot. At first i didn’t feel anything, just like wearing plastic socks filled with water inside. But after 30 to 40 mins i started to feel slight burning/tingling sensation, but nothing too much. A little note from me, when you wear the plastic socks, try to be careful when you walk because it’s slippery and that can be dangerous, i recommend you use this when you have time to just sit, maybe reading a book, play with your phone, or doing some work with your laptop, any activities that doesn’t require walking at all. After around one hour i just wash off my foot and i need to wait 4 to 6 days for my skin to react to the solution and starts to peel. Today is my first day, so i need to wait several days later to see the effects. I will update this post and maybe a couple of pictures to show the progress.


Day 2 : Nothing happened yet. But i feel that my foot skin all wrinkled and soon ready to peel.

Day 3 : Still nothing happened.

Jump to day 5 : My skin starts to peel! I think i will try to snap my foot pics tomorrow. It’s been so hectic, my BF got dengue fever so i need to watch for him everyday at hospital, i don’t even remembered about my feet.

Day 6 : I’m happy with the peel so far because the skin comes off in bigger portion so it will speed up the process.

Day 9 : My skin hasn’t finished peeling.. It kinda annoys me because i can’t use any of my sandals. The bigger parts already finished but the smaller parts looked like chapped lips and the skin won’t peel off easily, it’s like cracked wall.. I’ll put the pics of my foot condition on day 6 below.

I will not continue the review until very end because i really don’t know when will my foot stop peeling -_- I think until day 9 is enough to give a verdict.


The packaging and what’s inside.


The back of the box. It says leave the solution for 60 mins to 90 mins before you rinse it off. And also point no 5 says that the progress will start to show between 4 to 6 days later.


My foot condition right now. Dry and just had sunburn from my last trip to bali.


Trying to show the back of my foot >.< callouses everywhere.


Applying the solution into the socks


All set!


I’ll give the conclusion after i got the result!

Peeling process (Day 5-6) :

TFS DSCF0004 DSCF0005 DSCF0007

Conclusion :

Name : The Faceshop Smile Foot Peeling

Price : I forgot how much in korea.. i think around 6000 – 7000 won..

Country of origins : Korea

Pro : Easy to use, cute packaging, it really works for removing all the rough layer of skin on your foot

Cons : Takes too long time for my foot to finish all the peeling process. Really bothers me. I prefer to go to nail salon for pedicure, they will work on your dead skin and callouses too. Or you can use foot scrub. But if you want thorough callouses removal, you will love this peel.

Ratings : 4/5 (Give 4 because overall  it is an effective product, the only thing that annoys me is the long peeling process)

Would i repurchase again : YES, but will use it maybe….. twice a year only?  >.<


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