Travel Time – Sunset at El Kabron, Bali

Hi Everyone! Today i will not post a beauty review, instead i will share my experience at el kabron restaurant in bali. Last week i went to Bali, that’s why i didn’t post anything to my blog. This time are my 3rd time in bali, but my last time in bali already years ago.. I think almost 10 years. I notice that bali getting more beautiful. Last time there are less places that you can explore, less resorts and villas. But now, beautiful resorts and villas are everywhere, more places to go, many yummy restaurants with stunning views.

For this time, i went to el kabron restaurant in uluwatu, bali. I heard that the place is great for watching sunset and to relax so i want to experience it. The location is secluded, very quiet, when i arrived there, no over crowd. Only a couple of small group. The view is stunning. You can swim too if you bring your swim wear. They will give you complimentary towel for you to use at the location.

As for the food, most of what i ordered are great taste. From the appetizer, desserts, and the drinks all so yummy. One thing to notice, if you go there to watch sunset, you need to sit at the pool area for best view, and they have minimum order around USD 30 per person for you to be able to sit in that area. For restaurant, they have minimal order around USD 20 per person.

View from my seat


Too bad i can’t sit at the very front row because it already reserved. But 3rd row isn’t that bad either.


Sneaky shot, what is look like to sit at very front row. Endless view of lovely ocean.


Stunning view!


This is how it looks like at the back row


Margarita & Daquiri


This was really good! (forgot the name..)


The best tiramisu soft cake ever!! seriously.. this was amazingly delicious!


Last pic before all my battery runs out (both of my cam and my phone). And sadly i can’t see the perfect sunset because the weather is too cloudy that day, and not too long after this pic was taken, it’s drizzling. But never mind, i will be back again later.


My overall experience with this restaurant is simply great! Love the atmosphere, the food and beverage was great too, a bit expensive, but… never mind. It’s worth it 🙂

I love to know your experience if you been there before, but if you never been there before and you’re planning to go to bali, don’t forget to put this on your bali ‘to-go’ list!


  1. OMG I’ve only been to Bali once (so I’m jealous this is your third time), and I completely agree that it is such a beautiful place! And that tiramisu looks like it’s to die for!

    1. yep! the tiramisu was really great! if you go there someday, make sure you try 🙂
      you know, last time i’m in bali, i never think that i want to be back again because at that time, i went around to wrong places and i didn’t enjoy bali at all. But after this trip, i fall in love with Bali again. I think the important thing to do before you go bali, you must gather more info on where to go, what to eat and so on. And thanks to internet now, we can access all easily 🙂 i hope you will come again to enjoy bali really soon!

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