Review – Smash Box Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 in Fair

Hi everyone! Today i will give a review for Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream.

I bought this quite a while ago, i think it’s January last year in Singapore. I don’t know why i picked this in the first hand, i just entered sephora there, trying some products, and ended up with this at the cashier. FYI i didn’t try this because there’s no sample when i went to sephora, didn’t know where it’s gone. I bought it out of curiousness because of the name ‘camera ready’.

Basically this is an old style typical BB cream in a tube. It’s written on the tube ‘Always be camera ready with this 5-in-1 BB cream! prime, perfect, protect, hydrate, and control oil in one step to create a flawless face in a flash. Wear alone or under foundation for more coverage.’ For me personally, i don’t quite agree with the tagline. First, it’s too hydrating for me, the finish is too dewy. and second, i didn’t feel that it has oil control (or maybe my oily skin is uncontrollable). It has slight weird smell to it, like silicone or something, and it leave you with sticky feeling too. If you want to layer it with foundation, you need to use this with very berry thin layer or you will have face disaster. And i don’t think it’s gonna help to use this before a foundation. If you want to wear it alone, then you need a proper amount of this, but sadly this bb cream is so hard to blend unless you go very thinly (using very little amount) and layering it for many times as your need. And last but not least, this bb cream breaks me out >.< I think for bb or cc or cushion or foundation, me with asian skin more suitable with asian brand.



Definitely not a perfect colour match, but it still can be tolerated if i use a thin layer only.



Conclusion :

Name : Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 in fair

Price : I don’t really remember the price in SGD but i just checked in sephora web for USD 39 (30 ml)

Country of origins : Canada

Pro : Honestly i didn’t know what’s good from this.. It just doesn’t work for me

Cons : Expensive, ‘chemical’ smell, hard to blend, sticky feeling

Ratings : 1/5

Would i repurchase again : Definitely NO

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