Review – Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Hello! For this time i will give a review for Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment.

I got to know Glam Glow from my cousin’s instagram feed. I never asked what it is and how was it. And then got one day i visited the newly opened Sephora in my town last year, i saw this on the rack and i reached for it to see. I were told by the shop attendant that this mud mask can help clearing my skin, reduce acne, reduce oil and sebum on my face. i’m really hooked and immediately bought one >.<  *FYI this is my second jar (got my second jar as xmas present last year).

Basically this is wash off mask with mud as primary ingredient. It can suck off the oiliness from your face and make the skin feel soft and smooth, also trouble free. The texture is like thick liquid with grey colour, exactly like the mud but with some dry leaves in there and it smells like peppermint (they indeed using peppermint as an ingredient). So far i like the smell of this and when i applied it on my face, there’s cool sensation and i love it. It didn’t make me itchy and it does suck off the oil on my T zone area. It didn’t totally clearing my acne but i see the acne got calmed a bit after using this. The downside of this product are the packaging and the price. I prefer tube packaging with larger hole for the leaves to come out, because with the existing packaging, the mask will dry very fast in the jar. And for the price, it’s really expensive for a mask in a tiny little jar >.<

So, this is how it looks..


Looks like the real mud with peppermint smell :’)


Apply thinly on your face. It should looks like this : (demo using hand LOL) and as you can see, it has some leaves extract and the amount varies from jar to jar.


Once it dries, should be like this :


When you applied it on your normal skin, should look like that. But if you applied to the oily part of your skin with larger pores, the dry version will not as smooth as the picture, it will be like dotted pattern with dark and light grey colour >.< ewww…

Conclusion :

Name : Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Price : around 62 USD. I bought it from Sephora in my town (34 gr)

Country of Origin : USA

Pro : Cooling sensation, reduce the oiliness on the face, helps to calm down acne ** update : after a while, i don’t think it helps clearing my acne or acne scarring. Only helps calming down the redness caused by acne.

Cons : Bad packaging, too expensive

Ratings : 3/5

Would i repurchase again : NO. I will look for cheaper substitute.


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