Review – 3CE Real Soft Cleansing Sherbet

Hi Everyone! Today i will give a review for 3CE cleansing product, Real Soft Cleansing Sherbet.

I got to know 3CE products quite a long time ago. The first product that i’ve tried is 3CE primer, but i only used it several times because i didn’t see any noticeable difference on my skin. Then this cleansing sherbet i bought it last year when i went to Korea for holiday. I went to stylenanda flagship store in hongdae. The store was really crowded with locals and tourists especially tourist from China >.< . The store attendant is really quick and helpful. But don’t hope too much and ask too many questions because they’re so busy running here and there to help so many people to get their product request (unless the shop is not crowded at that day).

What attracts me first from this product was the smell. I didn’t try this cleansing sherbet at the store, but when i first opened the lid and i smelled it, i unconsciously ask the shop attendant to get a new one for me. I really love the smell, it has soft pleasant smell, i can’t quite describe it but it smelled soft like baby product, i think like baby powder or something like that. If you like the smell of baby products, you will love this cleansing sherbet’s smell.


The texture is really soft, it’s not as heavy as like cleansing oil though it has mineral oil ingredient in it. But after it melts away, it does feels like light cleansing oil. Though i suggest you don’t apply it too much or you will feel really greasy although it has light weighted texture. When i applied it on my face, i feel the soft texture. It cleaned my face well and didn’t leave sticky residue. My face feels fresh and soft. This is totally optional, but i’m using another cleansing foam after using this cleansing sherbet because i think my skin needs deep cleansing after a long day wearing all the makeup and especially because i have very oily skin. One more thing i want to mention, that for you to be careful when you clean your eye area with this product, don’t let the ‘solution’ enter your eye, it will make your visions blurry for a moment (need to rinse with water) and i really get annoyed with it.

Closer look ^^


I tested it out for you using 3CE black gel liner and some naked2 eyeshadow in ‘blackout’.


Just need a small amount to clean all the makeup.


After rubbing it for a while, the texture changed to watery oil (?) and the makeup started to melts away with it.


All i need to do is to rinse it with lukewarm water.


Ta-da! All clean! Soft and fresh, no sticky feeling.


Conclusion :

Name : 3 Concept Eyes Real Soft Cleansing Sherbet

Price : KRW 22,000 (90ml)

Country of Origin : Korea

Pro : Light weighted, cleans makeup well, smells really good, edgy looking packaging

Cons : Can be tricky on how much amount you need to apply, because if you apply too much, it can be really greasy and hard to washed off.

Ratings : 5/5

Would i repurchase again : YES


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