Review – YSL Rouge Volupté Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick no 1 Beige Charnel

Today i will give a review for my YSL Rouge Volupté lipstick in no 1 (Beige Charnel).

I always be a sucker for good packaging either it’s cute, elegant, luxurious, or simple & clean. The packaging will always attract me first when i’m choosing something. I already eye-ing this lipstick since long time ago, but in the end i always grab other brand’s lipstick/lipgloss. So, one day i gathered up my will for purchasing this baby, and then about 2 months ago my BF bought this for me when he’s abroad (of course based on my request :p )

I’m choosing this colour based on the description on the website and from the beauty blog/youtube channel, i never try or swatch it in real life before. When it arrived, i’m so excited and immediately tried it but it wasn’t quite what i expected (Boo.., blame my bad lips). The colour is opaque, great formula, feels silky smooth on my lips, but….. in order to wear this lipstick your lips need to be in excellent condition. When i first trying this lipstick, my lips were a bit dry.. i mean, really a bit.. but this lipstick cannot tolerate ‘a bit’ thing. if you wear it when your lips is in not good condition, it will turned out ugly. I need to hydrated my lips first, scrubbing my lips, maintaining it for several days then after that finally i can wear this lipstick without worrying how it will turn out. But as long as your lips in great condition, don’t worry, this lipstick is worth it. In terms on how long it lasts on your lips, i can say that it didn’t stay too long especially if you had your meals or drinks. Maybe it’s because the colour itself is nude.




I love the soft nude colour. My lips is not in good condition either when i write this review, so i can’t post how it looks like on my lips.


Conclusion :

Name : YSL Rouge Volupté  Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick in No 1 Beige Charnel.

Price : Around USD 30 each when my BF bought it from Malaysia airport (bought the travel set including 2 lipsticks no 1 & 8 but i gave no 8 to my mom). But when i check in their web, the price is USD 36 each.

Country of origins : France

Pro : Silky smooth, opaque & lovely colour, elegant packaging

Cons : your lips need to be in great condition if you want to wear this.

Ratings : 4/5

Would i repurchase this : Maybe. Because there’s so many lipsticks to try, so next time i will buy a different series from YSL (currently i’m eye-ing on their newest lip tint oil) or even a different brand.


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