Review – The Faceshop Chia Seed Watery Toner

Hi Everyone! Today i want to give a review for The Faceshop Chia Seed Watery Toner.

As long as i can remember, i rarely use toner for my skin care routine. The most recent toner that i have used is SK II miracle water that i used to treat my acne but it’s so pricey so i gave up after i finished my third bottle (it didn’t clear my acne anyway). After that i stopped using toner for a while, then last summer i went to Korea for holiday and i came across this Chia Seed Toner for the first time. At first i didn’t buy a full size toner, i got it as a sample because i shopped quite a lot there >.< And then when i came home, i started to test out the sample one by one and when i tested the toner i immediately think A-ha! I need this toner for me. I love how it’s very light weighted and feels exactly like water, some kind of infused water. The smell is really good too, very pleasant flowery smell. Considering my oily skin, i don’t really need a heavy kind of toner as it can caused me breakouts. This toner is perfect for me. It never breaks me out, and didn’t harm my skin. Although i admit this toner didn’t do much besides hydrating my skin after washing my face but i’m still happy with this product. P.S : i bought the full size later when i went to Korea again for business trip.

I love the elegant packaging. Leaves a simple yet elegant impression. But at the same time this bottle can be a problem because it’s so heavy and makes it not convenient to bring when i travelled.


Looove the scent, and the texture. Feels like i’m patting water onto my face.


Conclusion :

Name : The Faceshop Chia Seed Watery Toner

Price : around USD 17. I bought it from the faceshop in myeongdong store, Korea. (145ml)

Country of origins : Korea

Pro : Very light weighted, suitable for those who have oily skin or for summer time toner. Smells really good. Way more affordable than some other brands.

Cons : The bottle is very heavy for a toner, i think it made from ceramic or something like that. As long as i can remember, it’s way more heavy than SK II miracle water bottle.

Ratings : 4/5 (i give 4 because of the heavy packaging)

Would i repurchase this : YES


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