Month: April 2015

Review – The Faceshop Smile Foot Peeling

Hi Everyone. Today i will give a review for the faceshop smile foot peeling. I got this when i’m in Korea. I bought this because when i’m korea, i walked so much, makes my leg hurt and i feel that i really gained callouses everywhere on the back of my foot, so i decided to buy this and see whether it can make any difference to my foot or not. Unfortunately, i forgot to use this after i came home for a while and just tried this today >.< (more…)

Travel Time – Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Hotel & Resort

Hi everyone. Today i will continue to share my bali travel experience and now i will share my experience staying in Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua.

Nowadays, Bali are packed with all kind of hotels, motels, and villas. Many of them are really great and maybe not so great, but my experience with Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua absolutely great. If you read my last post, you probably know that my last time in bali was 10 years ago, and that time, not many beautiful resorts and villas in bali yet. This time is the first time i’ve tried a luxury hotel & resort in bali. (more…)

Travel Time – Sunset at El Kabron, Bali

Hi Everyone! Today i will not post a beauty review, instead i will share my experience at el kabron restaurant in bali. Last week i went to Bali, that’s why i didn’t post anything to my blog. This time are my 3rd time in bali, but my last time in bali already years ago.. I think almost 10 years. I notice that bali getting more beautiful. Last time there are less places that you can explore, less resorts and villas. But now, beautiful resorts and villas are everywhere, more places to go, many yummy restaurants with stunning views. (more…)

Review – Smash Box Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 in Fair

Hi everyone! Today i will give a review for Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream.

I bought this quite a while ago, i think it’s January last year in Singapore. I don’t know why i picked this in the first hand, i just entered sephora there, trying some products, and ended up with this at the cashier. FYI i didn’t try this because there’s no sample when i went to sephora, didn’t know where it’s gone. I bought it out of curiousness because of the name ‘camera ready’. (more…)

Review – IOPE Air Cushion XP SPF50+/PA+++ N23

Hi everyone! I’m back with new review today. It’s IOPE Air Cushion XP in N23!

I didn’t know IOPE brand until last year when i went to Korea. My relative asked me to bought this for her so i went to Lotte duty free to buy this cushion (it was really a big hit last year). I’m curious about this cushion and wanted it too if the colour really matched with me, so i tested N21, N23 (N stands for Neutral), and S22 (shimmer) on my hand and i really got confused. At a glance, N21 and N23 didn’t have big difference, while S22 was too shimmery for me because i already had oily skin. Based on my research on the spot, many of the bloggers said that N21 is too light, and N23 more natural. My relative also asked me to buy the N23 so i decided on N23 too (later i found out that IOPE also have C21, and C23. C means Cover version, better coverage than N or S series. C21 has similar tone to N21 but C23 darker than N23)  (more…)