Month: March 2015

Review – Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream with Microbeads

Hi everyone! Today i will write a review about Clarins gentle refiner or commonly described as face scrub 😀

Firstly i will mention my face condition now. My skin type is very oily with enlarged pores and also i’m struggling with bad acne for about 2 years. Back then my face never get severe breakouts, only occasionally when i have my period, but got one time, suddenly my face surrounded by pimples especially on the chin area. I was so stressed then. But gradually my face getting better but for now i’m still struggling with the scars and the pores. I didn’t have a good skincare regime and i’m planning to make one. A good skincare begins with good cleansing, thus i’m in search for good cleansing product. Then i come across this clarins gentle refiner. At home i already have Laniege multiberry yoghurt peeling gel as my ‘refiner’ but somehow i still want to search for a better combo for my skin. The laniege works okay for my skin but after a while, i didn’t feel any good change. But i will still finish my laniege tube as my daily ‘refiner’ because i was told that i can’t use clarins refiner for everyday cleansing ritual, only twice a week. So far i already use it a few times and i like it. (more…)

Review – Bioderma Sensibio H2O. Makeup Removing Micelle Solution

Hi Everyone, it’s been a long time and now i decided to make more beauty reviews for my blog because i rarely go on a trip anymore, so i can’t post my photograph in a regular basis. So today i will talk about bioderma makeup remover.


I heard about this remover quite a long time ago from bloggers and youtube gurus but never interested to test it out until someday my mom runs out of makeup remover and we went to a drugstore to look for a new remover. When i saw this bottle, i immediately pick this up and tell my mom to buy this (so this one literally my mom’s but we use it together :p ) . I tested it out and instantly fell in love with this makeup remover. It’s so gentle, didn’t harm my skin, didn’t leave an uncomfortable feeling, and it removes almost any makeup. It didn’t smell but when i poured it to cotton pad, it has slightly odd smell but nothing too bothering. (more…)