C Drama Review : 步步惊心(Bu Bu Jing Xin)


Hi everyone!

Today i decided to write a review for 步步惊心 after finished watching it a few days ago. It made a very deep impression in my head and my heart as well. It’s my lucky fate to know and to watch this drama. First, i want to mention, this is not a recent drama, it started to air back in 2011, based on the novel with same chinese title by Tong Hua. It was my fortunate fate to bumped into this drama link while i’m googling for a decent period drama. Initially i was bored with recent k-dramas and start to search for K-period dramas but alas, most of the decent one i already watched before. And then, i start gambling with C-period dramas (I never, ever watched any C-period dramas besides pearl princess, judge bao, and journey to the west. What a great childhood memories LOL). I saw 步步惊心 synopsis and i immediately realized, this is what i’m looking for. Truthfully, i always fantasizing about this exact kind of plot, and always curious as how it will be if it’s really happen. And… it’s really happening now! (at least someone make it happen in this drama i mean :p )

So, this is the short synopsis about the drama :

Zhang Xiao (Cecilia Liu), a young woman from the 21st century, suffers a near-fatal accident that sends her back in time to the Qing Dynasty during the Kangxi Emperor‘s (Damian Lau) reign. She finds herself trapped in the body of one of her previous incarnations: Ma’ertai Ruoxi, the teenage daughter of a Manchu general. In this new timeline, she has an elder sister, Ruolan (Annie Liu), who is a concubine of the Kangxi Emperor’s eighth son, Yinsi (Kevin Cheng). Ruoxi initially tries to return to the future, but she soon adjusts to life in this era. She meets some of Kangxi’s other sons, including the fourth prince Yinzhen (Nicky Wu), tenth prince Yin’e (Ye Zuxin), and fourteenth prince Yinti (Lin Gengxin). She also forges a close friendship with the thirteenth prince, Yinxiang (Yuan Hong).

This drama had 35 episodes in total, 45 mins running time for each episode.

What i like about this drama :

1. The Plot – the plot is really fascinating! Although it contains a nonsense time travel story, but after that, the story still inline with the original history of kang xi reign, plus one more person and that person is Ma’ertai Ruoxi.  Because we all don’t know what really happened at that time, may as well imagining things that can add up a spice for the history :p . And, the more interesting thing is, this drama make me more curious for the real history of kang xi reign, and other stories about kang xi and his children and political life that not mentioned in the drama.  After i watched the drama, i begin to googling about kang xi reign and had a better understanding about chinese history and the custom at that time. From my point of view, this drama presents about 60% of romance plot and 40% of political plot, conflicts, and tactics between brothers.

2. The Cast – For you who accustomed to K-dramas maybe will get a ‘culture shock’ with the cast. I’m not saying that the casts are not good looking or else, but if you mostly watching modern or even period k-drama, you will understand what i mean. But, strange enough for me, i really don’t mind at all. I really love how the casts acted to interpret each of the figure in this drama. They make it sooo real. I really impressed and satisfied. I do questioning about Ruoxi attitude in the drama after she spends quite some time in the palace, she become more and more gloomy. But i know the production team and the writer makes her character like that not without meaning. Though i prefer the cheerful Ruoxi, i still fascinated with the gloomy Ruoxi.

3. The Soundtrack – What else i can say for this… i only can say WOW, 很特别! 很好听! (Really interesting, lovely to hear). All the soundtrack composed beautifully, even the BG music is great. Even after i finished watching the drama, whenever i hear the song played, it will make me reminiscing about the scenes, and the princes :p When i just finished watching the drama, the next day when i hear the song only, it really makes me wanna cry out loud *pardon of my sentiments*. I really fall deeply to this drama *deep sigh*. There are 2 songs that i love the most, it’s Sancun Tiantang (三寸天堂; Three Inches of Heaven) and Xuehua Hongmei (雪花红梅; Snowflakes and Red Plum Blossoms).

What i don’t like from this drama :

The sequel – After finishing this drama, i immediately search for the sequel synopsis and link (步步京清 - Bu Bu Jing Qing). After watching about half of entire episodes, i still prefer Bu Bu Jing Xin over Bu Bu Jing Qing. I don’t know why, but although the main cast is still the same, but the feeling is really far different from its predecessor. I will continue to watch it until the end, and if it really worth to watch, i will post it on my blog later 🙂

Verdict :

YES, YES, a big YES! It’s really worth to watch. Watch it and you’ll find out why i still can’t move on from this drama. And one more suggestion, please don’t skip too much or you will not get the beauty and the meaning from this drama.

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