I heart Santorini

Hi everyone!

i want to share my little experience in Santorini to you all. I went to Santorini last summer (maybe a little too late to post it now), but anyway i would like to bring up some nice memories there. I only spent 2 days in Santorini, and i know it’s way too fast. But for some reason, i think i see enough for now and i’ll come back again someday to explore more. (You know.. main reason is because last summer i’m not going for honeymoon.. so i’m saving some spots to explore later,aww).

My journey begins from the airport to Fira. Fira is the main town of Santorini. I feel excited to be in a part of Santorini already. I already feel the romantic and peace kind of feeling because of the all-white building plus some blue accent (but not that much comparing to Oia). It’s not much to see here, but the atmosphere really nice!




Then i also visit the old port by using the cable car. The options are by walking, riding the donkey, or using the cable car. Option 1 was too tough for me as i still need to save my energy for later, haha.. Riding the donkey.. hmm, i will feel sorry for the donkey also bcoz i’m putting on some weight lately,lollll, so the option left is the cable car. 1 solution for all, yey!

old port

Old port


Look at the crystal clear water!

After i took enough stroll in Fira, i continue my trip to Oia. I really expect all the fantasies lingering in my head all this time can be seen and experienced in Oia. I mean, oh look at the gorgeous buildings, tons of beautiful hand crafted souvenirs, cafes and restaurants with amazing views, and the hotel/villa for honeymooners (sadly i didn’t stay in Oia, i stayed in Fira instead). I begin to take a stroll around Oia, and i really experienced all of my fantasies except the hotel, booo.. But, strange enough that i feel a bit bored after a day in Oia. Maybe because i’m too tired as i really struggled with tons of other tourists. Summer is really peak season in Santorini, tourists buzzing everywhere. It really packed, especially when the sunset time comes. So hard to walk through the direction of the best spot to watch the sunset. There are people everywhere! every corner, every nook and cranny you can find! I cannot take a clear pics w/o any tourist in it. Only a few of landscape pics, and here we go..




Restaurant in Oia


Sunset in Oia



Sunset over the church


Beautiful sunset

If you’re visiting Santorini especially in summer, i recommend to watch either the sunset or the sunrise. Both are beautiful! The only downside is the crowd. Make sure to buy some souvenir too! they’re lovely. For food, maybe my tongue didn’t match so well with the food, but don’t get me wrong, the food is nice but just don’t match with my taste. Speaking of the taste, i have the chance to visit santo winery for wine tasting. Basically, i don’t know much about wine and i don’t drink alcohol, occasional only. So i got to taste about 3 different wines, and the only one that caught my attention is vin santo. The wine is made from raisins. It tasted really goood! (call me sissy, but hey! i AM a girl and i love the sweetness in vin santo wine!) Totally a fan 😉


Vin santo in it!

vin santo

Vin santo in bottle


Don’t forget to buy souvenirs!



After wine tasting session come to an end, i went to the highest point on Santorini called moni profitou iliou. From here we can see all around the island. It’s very windy up there, but the view is cool!

Highest point of Santorini

Moni profitou iliou

Finally, that’s all i can share with you all, hopefully it can be helpful and enjoyable review 🙂 Any thought on Santorini, guys? Who feel same with me? Please do share by leaving some comments! i would love to discuss more about Santorini with you all.




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