Review : Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Hi all! Today i will do my very first review of makeup product.. I really into the makeup since a few years ago but i was too lazy to do some review (>.<) But as the time goes by, i feel like to do some reviews anyway.. because every time i want to buy new makeup products, i usually will search for a review on that product, so i thought it will be helpful too for other peoples if i do some review and opinion about the product that i’m using right now 🙂

A little detail of my current face condition right now :

– Oily face (more on the T zone)

– Oily eyelids (it cause most of the eyeliner to smudge >.< )

– Periodically breakouts (usually when i got my periods, or when i’m sick)

– Enlarged pores

And now i’d like to share about Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette.. I’m owning this palette for almost a year and i really love it! it really comes in handy for your everyday look and also for a glamorous look, like smokey eye makeup. Here’s some of my palette pic :



I know you will say that for a year using the palette, my palette looks like unused at all, lol. It’s because i like sheer color to my eyelid and only use my finger for most of the application.

Colors that i love the most from this palette is called Tease. It really perfect for everyday look, it has matte finish and really nice brownish taupe color. And other colors that i love are Suspect, Busted, and Blackout. Busted and Blackout are perfect for creating smokey eye look, usually i use these for night look. Suspect is very nice for everyday look too. The other colors are really great too but i don’t use it very often in my everyday makeup look because all of the sparkle. I’m trying to make my makeup look very natural so i don’t use sparkle very often in the day look.

I had my fav colors swatches, here we go :



From the bottom : Tease, Suspect, Busted, Blackout.

Usually i will wear the shadow using urban decay primer potion first to make sure the shadow will not budge there from my eyelid (but in the end, it still happens). It can’t be helped since i have this annoying oily eyelid so i can only prevent it to happen in a short time.

I bought this when i travelled to Europe and i forgot how much is in Europe, but in the official website is US$50. Oh i almost forgot, i got the lip gloss in the set, but already gone somewhere, sorry i can’t give a review about the gloss, but as i remembered the gloss is really nice too.. the shade is perfect for me and the cooling effect on the lips is totally lovely 😀

Totally recommend this palette if you haven’t try or use it yet ^^








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