Design Modo: Blog About Us, Part II

I really love the concepts! Great photo 🙂

“With innovative thinking and unique creative flair, an artist can rule millions of hearts for over centuries! When creative people produce an artwork with their heart, soul, and mind, it definitely touches the emotions and feelings of its onlookers. The art of Gaby Herbstein is a straight example of this.”


Our fans and followers have blogged about us on many occasions. Our most recent discovery was on Design Modo Blog, an innovative platform for designers, web developers, graphic artists and for people with a great appetite for inspirational ideas. We feel very proud to have our very own blog entry in this fantastic virtual space! Thank you, Design Modo!

The GH Team


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  1. Hi -! i’m your korean pal friend 🙂 i saw everything’s and i think that such a good explain to watchers XDD I will Cross my finger for your Blog
    development ! and Good day XD

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